The Ratification of Maritime Conventions

Chapter I.5.182


ADOPTED: Done at London, 4 November 1993
REFERENCE: IMO Resolution A.737(18)
ENTERED INTO FORCE: Not yet into force



Article IX

1. The present Convention may be amended upon the proposal of a Contracting Party by any of the procedures specified in this article.

2. Amendments after consideration in the Organization:

  • (a) Upon the request of a Contracting Party, any amendment proposed by it to the present Convention shall be considered in the Organization, if adopted by a majority of two-thirds of those present and voting in the Maritime Safety Committee of the Organization, to which all Contracting Parties shall have been invited to participate and vote, such amendments shall be communicated to all Members of the Organization and all Contracting Parties at least six months prior to its consideration by the Assembly of the Organization. Any Contracting Party which is not a Member of the Organization shall be entitled to participate and vote when the amendment is considered by the Assembly.
  • (b) If adopted by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting in the Assembly, and if such majority includes a two-thirds majority of the Contracting Parties present and voting, the amendment shall be communicated by the Secretary-General to all Contracting Parties for their acceptance.
  • (c) Such amendment shall come into force twelve months after the date on which it is accepted by two-thirds of the Contracting Parties. The amendment shall come into force with respect to all Contracting Parties except those which, before it comes into force, make a declaration that they do not accept the amendment.

3. Amendment by a Conference:

Upon the request of a Contracting Party concurred in by at least one-third of the Contracting Parties, a Conference to which the States referred to in article VII shall be invited will be convened by the Secretary-General.

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