The Ratification of Maritime Conventions

Chapter I.4.40


ADOPTED: Done at Geneva on 7 February 1986
ENTERED INTO FORCE: Not yet in force
DEPOSITARY: Secretary-General, United Nations
SECRETARY: Secretary-General, United Nations



Article XVIII

1. All States are entitled to become Contracting Parties to this Convention by:

  • (a) signature not subject to ratification, acceptance or approval; or
  • (b) signature subject to and followed by ratification, acceptance or approval; or
  • (c) accession.

2. This Convention shall be open for signature from 1 May 1986 to and including 30 April 1987, at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York and shall thereafter remain open for accession.

3. Instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession shall be deposited with the depositary.


Article XIX

1. This Convention shall enter into force twelve months after the date on which not less than forty States, the combined tonnage of which amounts to at least twenty-five per cent of world tonnage, have become Contracting Parties to it in accordance with article XVIII. For the purpose of this article the tonnage shall be deemed to be that contained in annex III to this Convention.

2. For each State which becomes a Contracting Party to this Convention after the conditions for entry into force under paragraph 1 of this article have been met, the Convention shall enter into force for that State twelve months after that State has become a Contracting Party.


Article XXII

1. Any Contracting Party may denounce this Convention at any time by means of a notification in writing to this effect addressed to the depositary.

2. Such denunciation shall take effect on the expiration of one year after the notification is received by the depositary, unless a longer period has been specified in the notification.


Article XX

1. After the expiry of a period of eight years from the date of entry into force of this Convention, a Contracting Party may, by written communication addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, propose specific amendments to this Convention and request the convening of a review conference to consider such proposed amendments. The Secretary-General shall circulate such communication to all Contracting Parties. If, within twelve months from the date of the circulation of the communication, not less than two-fifths of the Contracting Parties reply favourably to the request, the Secretary-General shall convene the Review Conference.

2. The Secretary-General of the United Nations shall circulate to all Contracting Parties the texts of any proposals for, or views regarding, amendments, at least six months before the opening date of the Review Conference.


1. The decisions of a review conference regarding amendments shall be taken by consensus or, upon request, by vote of a two-thirds majority of the Contracting Parties present and voting. Amendments adopted by such a conference shall be communicated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to all the Contracting Parties for ratification, acceptance, or approval and to all the States signatories of the Convention for information.

2. Ratification, acceptance or approval of amendments adopted by a review conference shall be effected by the deposit of a formal instrument to that effect with the depositary.

3. Any amendment adopted by a review conference shall enter into force only for those Contracting Parties which have ratified, accepted or approved it, on the first day of the month following one year after its ratification, acceptance or approval by two-thirds of the Contracting Parties. For any State ratifying, accepting or approving an amendment after it has been ratified, accepted or approved by two-thirds of the Contracting Parties, the amendment shall enter into force one year after its ratification, acceptance or approval by that State.

4. Any State which becomes a Contracting Party to this Convention after the entry into force of an amendment shall, failing an expression of a different intention by that State:

  • (a) be considered as a Party to this Convention as amended; and
  • (b) be considered as a Party to the unamended Convention in relation to any Contracting Party not bound by the amendment.


(Unless otherwise indicated, the declarations and reservations were made upon ratification, accession, acceptance or approval.)

Syrian Arab Republic

Declaration upon signature

[The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic] wishes to affirm that the Accession of the Syrian Arab Republic to this Convention does not in any way imply its recognition of Israel, nor will it lead to any dealings with Israel under this Convention.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Upon signature

The USSR regards the reference to “Democratic Kampuchea” in the list of countries compiled for the purposes of the present Convention as unlawful, inasmuch as all matters relating to Kampuchean participation in international treaties and agreements lie exclusively within the competence of the Government of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea.

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