Voyage Charters

Page 889

Chapter 30

The Voyage

B. Laydays:      
    Commencing: Cancelling:  
C. Loading Port(s)      
        Charterer’s Option
D. Discharging Port(s):      
        Charterer’s Option
E. Cargo:      
        Charterer’s Option

Commencement of laydays

30.1 Unlike the Gencon, the Asbatankvoy form provides for a commencement date for laytime as well as for a cancelling date. The effect of the provision is discussed under clause 5 in .


30.2 See and . Loading and discharging port(s). Under a charter on the BPVoy 3 form, it was held in The Kriti Filoxenia 1 that a right of cancellation did not survive a change of loadport orders, but this may be significantly fact-dependent. 30.3 The Asbatankvoy charter anticipates that the stipulated voyage may be between one or more of a number of named loading ports, and one or more of a number of named discharging ports. Indeed, in many instances, no specific ports may be named, but the charterer is free to select from a range of ports in different geographical areas. In such a case, clause 42 provides for the nomination by the charterer of the actual loading and discharging ports. A general discussion of the points which can arise on the nomination of ports is to be found in .


30.4 The description of the cargo to be carried should be specified here, and will override the provisions of clause 1 of Part II in the event of inconsistency. Clause 13 imposes limits on the vapour pressure and flashpoint of the cargo.3