Voyage Carter Party for the Transportation of Bulk Cement Code Name: "CEMENTVOY 2006"

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Drafting Notes


Bulk Cement Voyage Charter Party Revised


The CEMENTVOY Voyage Charter Party for the transportation of bulk cement and cement clinker in bulk has been revised and updated and re-issued with the codename CEMENTVOY 2006. The new version of the CEMENTVOY charter has been developed by a small team of cement industry specialists with expertise in the carriage of cement on conventional bulk carriers as well as specialised cement carriers. We are grateful to the representatives of Klaveness, Norden, H C Trading, Alfrachart and Skuld for their invaluable assistance in revising CEMENTVOY.


The original CEMENTVOY was developed and published by BIMCO in 1990. Since then the cement industry has undergone a number of significant changes not least in respect of the manner in which cement is transported. Although the use of conventional bulk carriers still dominates the transportation of this commodity, there has been an increase in the use of specialised "pneumatic" cement carriers. These carriers, in many respects, owe their design more to tankers than to dry bulk carriers and their loading and self-discharging system warrant special contractual provisions.


The revised cement charter party remains capable of being used for the transportation of cement related products such as clinker. However, as the volume of clinker carried is significantly less than when the form was first drafted in 1990, the revision focuses squarely on the carriage of cement.


The task of the drafting team has been twofold: firstly to improve, where possible, the language and structure of the original CEMENTVOY to make it clearer to read and understand. Secondly, to reflect developments in the industry and general trends in charter party construction and to bring up to date the standard clauses common to all BIMCO forms.


It has been a thorough process lasting 18 months in which every aspect of the charter party has been closely reviewed by the drafting team as well as BIMCO's oversight body, the Documentary Committee. The team has benefited from the valuable input from a charterers' representative from H C Trading who has helped to ensure that the interests of both parties are properly and fairly represented.


The result is a modern and comprehensive voyage charter party tailored to the specific needs of the cement trade. It has been written clearly and in plain English to ensure that its provisions will be readily understood by both parties. The charter follows a logical and clear structure making it easy for the parties to find the relevant provisions. It is supplemented by three Annexes detailing important information relating to the vessel type and to the terminal.


Common to BIMCO charter parties the revised CEMENTVOY uses the trademark Box Layout Part I which usefully summarises the key variable information added by the parties. Part II of the form contains the main terms and conditions. By default the charter party operates on the basis of a conventional bulk carriers being used. Should the parties wish to make use of a specialised cement carrier for the voyage then they must elect this vessel type by marking the appropriate box in Part I. When a specialised carrier is selected the provisions of Part III of the form will take effect.


As with all new BIMCO forms the revised CEMENTVOY charter party will be made available as an editable Word document using BIMCO's widely used online charter party editing system, idea. This will enable users to fill in the expandable boxes in Part I of CEMENTVOY 2006 with the variable information needed to complete the form. Additional clauses, if necessary, can also be added using idea - either from the built-in library of BIMCO standard clauses of from the users own uploaded library of clauses. Finalised documents can be e-mailed as a PDF file along with other attachments to chosen recipients. All documents created from templates on idea can be "re-cycled" for repeat or similar business to save time re-typing information.


To illustrate the changes made to the original CEMENTVOY the Secretariat has compiled the following clause by clause comparison between CEMENTVOY and CEMENTVOY 2006. New text is indicated in red while deleted text is shown struck through in blue. To make the comparison easier to follow we have deliberately not highlighted every change to the document but have instead focussed on the main amendments and the addition of new clauses. The comparison does not include the new Part I box layout or the Annexes that accompany CEMENTVOY 2006 as these documents are felt to be self-explanatory.